Tow Hitch
Which hitch should you buy?  What is the difference?  What are the most common hitches and what are hitch chains for? 


Trailer Towing
You need to always keep in mind the trailer behind you and where the wheels will be tracking.  What other hints and tips do you need to know when towing a trailer for the first time?


Towing Terms
Ball Mount, Brake Controller, Class 1 - 4, Coupler, Drawbar, GTW, GCVW, Hitch Ball, Payload - what does it all mean? Common towing terms explained here.


Tow Vehicle
Which is the best tow vehicle for your trailer? Is your vehicle compatible with the weight of your trailer? Can it last the distance?. Ensure your trailer does not exceed the manufacturer's specifications for your tow vehicle.


Weight Distribution
Weight Distribution hitches assist in returning traction to the front wheels of the tow vehicle when towing your trailer. It prevents the loss of braking by more evening distributing weight.


Tongue Weight
How heavy should your tongue weight be? Measure the tongue weight of your trailer using bathroom scales. This is a simple method to determine the correct tongue weight of your trailer which should be 10-15% of the total weight of your trailer.


Weight Ratings
Base Curb Weight, GVW, GVWR, Tongue Weight.  What does it all mean?


Will your trailer brakes stop you in an emergency. What types of brakes are there for trailers. Do you need a hand controller and hints and tips on braking safely.
Trailer Sway
What is trailer sway and what causes it.  When is trailer sway more likely to happen?  It can be avoided with some planning.  Learn how to not be at risk. 


Sway Prevention
What to do when trailer sway happens.  Safety precautions every driver should know.  How not to react incorrectly and tips on how to bring your trailer back into line.


Scale Weights
What does your rig weigh when empty. What does it weigh when full. You need to know. Overloaded suspensions can cause serious sway and are extremely dangerous. You should know how much camping gear you can pack before being overloaded.


Loading the Trailer
Where do you put everything and how best to pack your trailer to avoid overloading and trailer sway.  It's not as hard as it appears and a few simple tips will have you stablising your trailer for safe travel.


Trailer Tires
Properly inflated tires are a must when towing the heavy weights associated with your trailer.  What type / brand of tire is best suited to your trailer?


Trailer Wiring
You are required by law to have taillights, brake lights, side marker lights, turn signals, and side and rear reflectors.  What is a tail light converter?


Backing Up
Everything you need to know on how to back up a trailer or motorhome. Tips on making it easy. Be the envy at every trailer park.


General Maintenance
Regular maintenance is extremely important with not only your trailer, but your tow vehicle.  Brakes, hitch and wiring should all be checked before each trip.


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